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Inhancing Calabrian Villages and the Conference on the Future of Europe  

​On 10th November, the CoR will hold a local event with the municipality of Squillace in Calabria, Italy, focused on the "environment" and "digital transformation" topics of the Conference on the Future of Europe. 

The event will be a debate on the themes relating to the development of  Calabrian villages in a sustainable, green and digital perspective. It aims at creating local dialogue through the participation of citizens, associations, students and teachers of Calabrian villages. This way, they will engage with the Conference on the Future of Europe, through a structured bottom up debate aimed at contributing to the success of the conference by contributing events, proposals and ideas. During the event, the Conference's multilingual digital platform will be presented and explained so that attendees can use it and contribute directly to it. At the end of the event a report will be made and uploaded to the multilingual platform. The event will be an open and inclusive debate in the form of a participatory workshop. Participants will be students, citizens, local association representatives, local government administrators, academics. ​

A link to follow the event iive will be made available here. 

Contact Person: Martin Gosset