CulturalAREA Europe - Perspectives for 2025  
In which Europe do we want to live?

Europe is changing. Only litte people in the European Union are aware that this Europe plays a role in their daily lives. Because it is the municipalities and regions of Europe where we live and work, it is also the municipalities and regions of Europe having a strong influence on the future of Europe.

Representatives of the regions and municipalities of the EU therefore play a special role in the discussion process on the future of the EU. They are gathered in the European Committee of the Regions and have a direct link to the democratically elected assemblies in the regions as well as the cities and municipalities.

With the White Paper on the Future of Europe, the European Commission launched a process of reflection on the EU in 2025. In order to accompany this debate on the future of Europe from a regional perspective, the Committee of the Regions has begun to prepare the opinion on "Reflecting on Europe". Through citizens' debates, he also involves the citizens in the regions of the EU.

CulturalAREA EUROPE - Perspectives for 2025

In Magdeburg, we want to make the reflection on the future of Europe concrete in the subject of culture. For centuries, culture has linked the people of Europe across borders. The European Union also defines itself as a common cultural space with boundless diversity. Without cooperation in the cultural sector, the future of Europe would be poor.

We would like to talk with culture-makers and politicians in the cultural sphere about how culture influences the daily life of EU citizens. What is the role of culture for identification with Europe and the quality of life of its citizens? What makes cross-border cultural cooperation possible? How does the EU promote the exchange of cultural workers? What are the prospects for culture and culture promotion of the EU by 2025?

We are talking about these questions and much more with:

Karen Stone - General Director of the Theater Magdeburg
Dr. Michael Schneider - State Secretary, Chairman of the Group of the European People's Party in the European Committee of the Regions
Edilia Gänz - Director FEDORA Germany
Tamás Szalay - Head of the Organization of the City of Culture Magdeburg 2025
Nathalie Wappler - Program Director of the MDR
Damien Chapuis - Director Institute Francais Saxony-Anhalt
Sören Herbst - European Committee of the Regions, City Council and member of the Culture Committee