CoR local events  


The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) invites citizens to talk about Europe in local and regional public events!

These events can be organised in partnership with CoR members as "EU ambassadors at local level," cities, provinces and regions  and their national associations, networks and other EU institutions in the Member States.

Application is open for those interested to host local events in 2016 that match our political priorities, selection criteria and with the main objective to:

  • engage citizens, in particular young people in a two-way communication on EU issues, giving voice to the interests and expectations of EU territories
  • contribute to the CoR's legislative work, through local debates on EU legislation in the making and its potential impact on regions and cities
  • encourage the exchange of knowledge and good practices among the cities and regions
  • strengthen cooperation with other EU institutions, in particular national offices of European Commission, European Parliament and the European Direct Information network.

Find out more here and become partner of the CoR for your local event!

What type of events can receive support?

  • Citizens Dialogues: an open debate with citizens, in particular young people, on the EU political agenda and the future of Europe
  • Stakeholders’ Dialogues: debates with local and regional stakeholders on the preparation and follow-up of CoR opinions to contribute to its consultative work
  • Conference or seminars: to exchange knowledge and good practice among EU cities and regions on EU affairs and their regional impact

Who can apply?

  • CoR members and their local and regional authorities
  • EU regions, provinces and cities
  • National associations representing regional and local interests

What elements are we looking for?

  • One or more CoR members actively involved as speaker(s)
  • Open and participatory format
  • Link to the CoR's political priorities and its annual communication plan
  • Partnership with other EU institutions and their national offices (the European Parliament Information Offices and the Permanent Representations of the European Commission), European Direct Information Centres and/or the European, national associations and networks of local and regional authorities

What can we offer?

Subject to the evaluation and to the availability of financial resources, the CoR can offer services, such as:

  • Moderators' costs
  • Interpreting (max 3 languages)
  • Media and communication activities
  • Reimbursement of travel costs and accommodation for CoR members

How to apply?

  • Read the provisions for local events
  • Present your proposal at least three months before the proposed date of your event
  • Fill in the application form available online
  • Include all the information required such as objectives, concept, tasks, budget outline, draft programme of the event

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