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CoR-EC Broadband Platform meeting on DIGITAL COHESION – towards closing the digital divides in the European Union  


​​​On 6 May 2022 (11.00-13.00, Brussels time), the members of the Broadband Platform - European Commission experts and local and regional politicians - will meet virtually to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital transition and connectivity for cities and regions in Europe.

The meeting will focus on:

  • reasons for the growing digital divide, challenges faced by cities, regions, businesses, and citizens and ways in which the digital transformation can lead to greater cohesion;
  • the latest evidence on weak signals, wild cards, megatrends and possible scenarios on how digital cohesion can be achieved as well as lessons learnt from foresight for the present;
  • a presentation of the CEF2 Digital programme, which provides funding for the rapid deployment and use of 5G for smart communities and innovative applications;
  • promoting international connectivity, in particular by involving cross-border regions.

Contact Person: Anke Schuster & Marek Bobis
Organizer: ECON secretariat
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