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Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations. A regional contribution  
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In the context of the anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and the 2018 Year for Cultural Heritage, European regions aim to contribute to the Joint Communication "Towards an EU strategy for International Cultural Relations". Cultural diversity is a fundamental value of the EU and the partnership is a key tool to achieve success. Building both on the experience of European regions and of the representatives from the EU institutions, international organisations, cultural stakeholders and the European regions themselves to discuss on the best way to work together and contribute in close cooperation towards a cross-sectoral and territorial approach to culture.
The conference will address the issue of the international cultural relations focusing on the leading role of the regions. Regions are, indeed, essential actors to preserve and valorize the cultural diversity among the European Union but also to disseminate the future EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations abroad. The next Culture EU Council (23rd May) is going to adopt a Draft Council conclusions on a strategic approach to international cultural relations, and the European Parliament and the Committee of the Regions are leading their positions too.
The event is promoted by Regional Initiative for Culture and Creativity (RICC) an informal European network comprised of 25 regional governments, lead by the Basque Country, Emilia-Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia. RICC is an EU platform driven by representatives from Brussels offices working in close cooperation with decision makers and experts from their Regions. Its aim is to provide regional governments and territorial stakeholders with a EU network, with three objectives: to advocate on cultural and creative policies, to participate in relevant EU funding programmes, and to work under the Smart Specialisation RIS3 guidance.

Organizer: Regional Initiative for Culture and Creativity (RICC)
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