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Natura 2000 - protecting Europe's rich natural and cultural heritage  

​The exhibition illustrates how nature has been inspiring artists across Europe through a series of paintings and poems. It shows the link between natural and cultural heritage. For each Member State there are a painting and a few lines from a poem linked to nature.

The exhibition is presented in the context of the EU Action Plan for Nature, People and the Economy, in particular actions 13 and 14 aiming to raise awareness of the Nature Directives and strengthen the links between natural and cultural heritage.

LIMITED ACCESS POLICY : For security reasons, exhibitions in the CoR are only accessible to visitors carrying a badge granting them permanent access to the CoR (e.g. EU officials), or carrying a special badge as a registered participant to another event (conference, meeting, event) held on the CoR premises. No access will be granted to external visitors who do not carry a relevant badge. To obtain such a badge, you must be either an EU official or a registered participant at one of the activities or events taking place in the CoR.

Contact Person: Sofia Pachini
Organizer: European Commission, DG Environment