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Lunchtime briefing EU Citizens' Dialogues - Listening is not enough  

In the past years, all the EU institutions and, more recently, 27 member states have engaged in thousands of citizens' dialogues on the future of the European Union. Ahead of the European Council on 13 and 14 December 2018, which will look into the results of national citizens' consultations and dialogues, the European Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee share the view that 'listening is not enough' and that the experience from citizens' dialogues should be transformed into a democratic exercise with the potential to have a concrete impact on EU policy-making. Such an approach has been confirmed by the recent Communication of the European Commission on 'Subsidiarity and Proportionality' suggesting a greater influence of regions and cities in the design, implementation and follow-up on EU policies.

The following questions will be discussed during this lunchtime debate:

·     How should an EU mechanism look like that takes local input into account from citizens' dialogues, regional parliaments, local and regional authorities and civil society organisations?

·     How could the various approaches to stakeholder consultations applied by the EU institutions be better coordinated among themselves and with local experiences?

·     How could the input of civil society and other organisations fit into the picture?

The event will be interpreted from/into English, French, German and Italian.

The event will be livestreamed; live chat and live comments will be available.


  • Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the Regions
  • Luca Jahier, President of the European Economic and Social Committee 
  • Richard Youngs, University of Warwick, United Kingdom, and Senior Fellow at Carnegie Europe
  • Ulrike Guérot, Danube University Krems, Austria, and Founder of the European Democracy Lab 


  • Andrea Bodova, European Committee of the Regions, Acting Head of Unit "Events"  

 A light lunch will be provided as of 12.15.

Contact Person: Wolfgang Petzold
Email: European Committee of the Regions