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FAO’s GIAHS: Preserving Agricultural Heritage for Sustainable Development  

​​The Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) initiative stands as a beacon for recognizing, preserving, and promoting traditional agricultural systems pivotal to sustainable development.  In this event hosted by the European Committee of the Regions and supported by the World Sustainable Urban Food Centre of Valencia (CEMAS), the GIAHS will be presented as a rich cultural heritage, biodiversity conservation and sustainable rural development nurtured through unique agricultural practices.  Featured speakers from sites in Italy and Spain will share experiences on how the GIAHS has been contributing to local sustainable development and enhancing communities to highlight their agricultural systems. ​

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Speakers include 

Raschad-Al-Khafaji, Director, FAO Liaison Office to the EU and Belgium
Piotr Całbecki (PL/EPP), President of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region
Joke Schauvliege (BE/EPP), Vice-President of the Flemish Parliament

Panel discussion  

Roberto Morroni, Vice-President, Regional Government, Umbria (Italy), Olive Groves of the Slopes between Assisi and Spoleto 

* Teresa Adell Pons, Manager of the Mancomunidad Taula del Senia (Spain), GIAHS site of the Agricultural System Ancient Olive Trees Territorio Senia 

* Roberto Ciambetti, President of the Veneto Regional Council and Member of CoR, Veneto Region (Italy), Soave Traditional Vineyards 

Gerardo Álvarez Courel, President of Diputación of León (Spain), Agro-silvo-pastoral system Mountains of León 

José Luis Aguirre, Regional Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Government of Valencia (Spain), Historical Irrigation System at l'Horta de València 

Technical presentations  

Clelia Maria Puzzo, Programme Specialist, GIAHS Secretariat  

* Helene Moraut, Natural Resources Commission, Committee of the Regions 

Special Remarks   

*Vicente Domingo, Director, World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS)  

*Chantal Bisschop, Officer for Intangible Heritage, Centre for Agrarian History ​

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Contact Person: Paulo DeLima
Organizer: FAO
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