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Europe in my living room  
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyday life.

How well are people across Europe dealing with the new reality of closed businesses, shuttered schools, social distancing and the threat of the coronavirus itself?

And how did young elected politicians (YEPs) cope with the pandemic themselves?
What role did they play in their local communities?

"Europe in my living room" featured six YEPs sharing thoughts and giving insights on the situation in their hometown. Further information on the speakers' profile are available on the Agenda of the session.

It focused on how local communities were affected and lived through the pandemic; how did they react and unite to put in practice concrete initiatives that made a difference and what the future looks like after this crisis. The role of the EU and future perspectives.

Have you missed the live session?

The video recording of the session will be online soon to give you the chance to hear about innovative ideas that helped communities go through the crisis; how YEPs contributed to help their region and how life has changed where they live.

Contact Person: Young Elected Politicians Team
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions