Network of Regional Hubs for EU Policy Implementation Review (RegHub) - Pilot project  


Welcome to RegHub!

The Network of Regional Hubs (contact points), coordinated by the Committee of the Regions (CoR), wants to channel the experience of local and regional authorities more effectively into the EU’s policy making. During the pilot phase of the project (2019-2020) we will consult 20 selected regions[*] and collect feedback from them on the implementation of EU policy in 3 or 4 areas.

[*] The term "region" should be understood in the broadest sense as any territorial authority below the member state level that implements EU policy. It can therefore include communities, departments, Länder, provinces, counties, metropolitan areas, large cities or groups of smaller ones, large local authorities or groups of smaller ones, cross-border territories such as EGTCs and Euroregions.


More Information on RegHub

Here you can find updated information about RegHub progress and events as well as the relevant official documents:

If you want to better understand RegHub, check out this presentation.

Mission and key activities


Local and regional authorities are at the forefront of implementing EU policy and that is why the EU aims at capturing their views and experiences. RegHub is a platform through which local and regional authorities will provide timely, systematic and coherent feedback on their first-hand experiences in implementation EU policy. Actively involving local and regional authorities, EU institutions will benefit from their invaluable input thus producing more efficient policies and, bringing the Union closer to its citizens.

Key activities
  • provide feedback on the implementation of EU legislation at local and regional level;
  • ensure a better involvement of local and regional actors at an early stage in the EU legislative process;
  • strengthen the focus on improving existing EU legislation and its implementation at local and regional level; and
  • promote simplification and interregional learning in implementing and further developing EU legislation.



Mr Rainer Steffens
Committee of the Regions
Tel: +32 (0)2/282.23.77