Network of Former Members of the European Committee of the Regions 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Network is a new initiative  of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) designed for former full or alternate members of the European Committee of the Regions, offering them the possibility to continue to follow the CoR's political work and activities. It is also open to other individuals and friends of the CoR who wish to put their experience and knowledge to good use for the CoR and for Europe.​


The Network's aim is to

  • help the CoR reach out to local and regional councils and the one million local and regional politicians in all EU regions;
  • help to promote the CoR's political initiatives;
  • communicate  about the European Union policies that are relevant to the local and regional level;
  • share your experience and knowledge with decision makers at EU level through the CoR's networks and activities;
  • support you to bring Europe closer to our citizens.

What we offer

  • invitations to events, online thematic information sessions and high-level political debates;
  • briefings on recent developments on EU policies relevant to local and regional level;
  • personalised badge to access or use CoR premises in Brussels;
  • personalised CoR Newsletter and new online members' app;
  • support for your local and regional initiatives (for example, dialogues with citizens).

How you can contribute

  • help us promote the CoR's political initiatives and proposals and general information on the  EU to a wider audience;
  • engage in local events on EU affairs organised in your region or city;
  • propose new ideas or initiatives.


  • Action plan 2021

    Available languages (22)
    1. български(88.58 KB-PDF)Download
      План за действие за 2021 г.
    2. Čeština(85.56 KB-PDF)Download
      Akční plán na rok 2021
    3. dansk(85.37 KB-PDF)Download
      Handlingsplan 2021
    4. Deutsch(85.68 KB-PDF)Download
      Aktionsplan 2021
    5. ελληνικά(123.31 KB-PDF)Download
      ΣΧΕΔΙΟ ΔΡΑΣΗΣ 2021
    6. español(83.95 KB-PDF)Download
      Plan de acción 2021
    7. eesti(82.43 KB-PDF)Download
      Tegevuskava 2021
    8. suomi(114.27 KB-PDF)Download
      Toimintasuunnitelma 2021
    9. français(84.44 KB-PDF)Download
      Plan d’action 2021
    10. hrvatski(113.76 KB-PDF)Download
      Akcijski plan za 2021.
    11. magyar(86.48 KB-PDF)Download
      2021. évi cselekvési terv
    12. italiano(114.04 KB-PDF)Download
      Piano d'azione per il 2021
    13. lietuvių(113.67 KB-PDF)Download
      2021 m. veiksmų planąs
    14. latviešu(85.15 KB-PDF)Download
      Rīcības plāns 2021. gadam
    15. Malti(86.21 KB-PDF)Download
      Pjan ta’ azzjoni 2021
    16. Nederlands(83.12 KB-PDF)Download
      Actieplan 2021
    17. polski(85.21 KB-PDF)Download
      Plan działania na rok 2021
    18. português(84.82 KB-PDF)Download
      Plano de ação para 2021
    19. română(84.65 KB-PDF)Download
      Planul de acțiune pentru 2021
    20. slovenčina(117.28 KB-PDF)Download
      Akčný plán na rok 2021
    21. slovenščina(79.88 KB-PDF)Download
      Akcijski načrt za leto 2021
    22. svenska(115.44 KB-PDF)Download
      Handlingsplan 2021
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CoR president - Launch of the former Members' network (May 19, 2021)


Watch more

  • CoR president - Launch of the former Members' network (May 19, 2021)
    CoR president - Launch of the former Members' network (May 19, 2021)


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