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Young Elected Politician programme 2022  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Are you a politician with a mandate at local or regional level in the EU, born after 1 January 1982? Are you willing to network, exchange best practices, obtain information on EU legislation and EU funding opportunities, contribute to the work of the European Committee of the Regions, and meet and debate with CoR members and other local, regional and European politicians? You are welcome to apply to join the Young Elected Politicians (YEP) network!

Read below for all the details of the 2022 YEP Programme and apply by 8 April 2022.



You can apply if you:

  • hold a democratic mandate as an elected politician at regional or local level in a Member State of the European Union

  • were born after 1 January 1982

  • do not hold a mandate as a CoR member or alternate

  • have a good level of English or French

  • complete the application form and submit it by 8 April 2022.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of the quality of their application form and with an eye to ensuring balance in terms of gender, regional and local representation, political affiliation and nationality. ​


  • to network with fellow YEPs from elsewhere in the EU and other politicians at local, regional, national and European level
  • to exchange best practices with other local and regional politicians through
  • to understand the opportunities offered by the EU for local and regional areas
  • to speak on behalf of EU regions and municipalities in the European legislative process
  • to raise your profile in European circles

In addition, selected YEPs will have the opportunity to participate in various communication activities related to the programme.


The YEP programme 2022 will contribute to the European Year of Youth.

The programme is structured around three topics. In the application form you will need to put the three topics in order of preference.

1. Bringing Europe closer to its people

The YEP programme will help you to build bridges between your city and region and the EU, will give you inspiration on how to foster democracy, and will allow you to find ways of involving young people in democratic discussion and in local life.

​2. Building resilient communities

Under this topic, the YEP programme will give you a deeper insight into the European Green Deal, to inspire and be inspired by the projects of fellow YEPs, CoR members and other politicians. You will also get to know how to contribute to EU climate change and carbon-neutrality targets.

​3. Cohesion as a fundamental value

The YEP programme will allow you to learn about funding for local and regional authorities, to understand how cohesion policy can help the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and the development of your city and region, and to share best practices with other YEPs and politicians.

​Meetings are planned to take place in English and French where possible. 


The 2022 YEP programme will last until spring 2023, with activities scheduled throughout the year. Some are mandatory.

Then you will become an alumnus and you will be invited to further selected events.

Here is a provisional list of activities for 2022. Please be aware that dates might still change.

Additional activities/events might be added throughout the year. You will be informed in due course.

  • monthly networking sessions
  • attendance at commission meetings and plenary sessions​
  • participation in public consultations
  • 25 May: welcome meeting - mandatory
  • 22 June: training session on "Bringing Europe closer to its people" – mandatory
  • September: training session on topic "Building resilient communities" - mandatory
  • September: event at the external Bureau meeting
  • October: training session on "Cohesion as a value" - mandatory
  • 10-13 October: 20th European Week of Regions and Cities, YEP session - mandatory
  • October/November: YEP Forum
  • November: EuroPCom 


All events will take place online. Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic develops, the programme might be subject to change and events might be cancelled. Should physical participation in Brussels be possible, you will be informed in advance.


To apply, you must fill in the following form:​

Apply to join the YEP community – English

Apply to join the YEP community - French

​How much?

Allowances are not granted for participation in online events and activities.

​In the case of events requiring physical presence in Brussels, should such events be possible, the CoR may:

  • reimburse travel costs​
  • pay a flat-rate subsistence allowance per stay, upon presentation of proof of an overnight stay in the place where the meeting is being held.

The reimbursement of travel costs and the payment of the subsistence allowance depend on the budget available. If necessary, a first-come, first-served system might be put in place.



Directorate for communication YEP Progr​amme Team​​
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