European Entrepreneurial Region (EER)  

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​The European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) is a project that identifies and rewards EU regions which show an outstanding and innovative entrepreneurial policy strategy, irrespective of their size, wealth and competences. The regions with the most credible, forward-thinking and promising vision plan are granted the label "European Entrepreneurial Region" (EER) for a specific year.

The EER label has been set up in partnership with the European Commission and is supported by EU level stakeholders such as SME United, Eurochambres and Social Economy Europe. It remains open to any organisation willing to contribute to its objectives.

The EER award in 2020 has been granted to the following regions: Gdansk & Pomorskie Region (Poland), Gothenburg Business Region (Sweden) and Navarra Region (Spain). ​More information on awarded regions can be found in the press release. ​​​

How to apply


  • Open to all EU territories of Member States, including communities and city's as well as cross-border territories with legal personality such as EGTCs and Euroregions
  • Possession of competences at a political level (not necessarily legislative)
  • Ability to implement an overall entrepreneurial vision
  • Regardless of their size, wealth or specific competences
  • Open to territories that are already successful and those committed to implementing necessary changes

Cross-border regions are particularly encouraged to submit applications

Necessary documents
  • Application form
  • Fact sheet on the applicant territory
  • An outline of the regions political vision
  • A description of foreseen governance mechanism to ensure efficient implementation of the EER actions
  • Action plan
  • Communication plan
  • Declaration of political commitment demonstrating that the territory's EER strategy is endorsed by its political leadership (e.g. the regional assembly, the regional government or other authorised political bodies)
Application procedure

The deciding Jury takes into account

  • Each applicant's budget, specific structural or territorial challenges and economic starting point
  • The overall presentation of the EER candidate's Vision Plan

For more information on how to apply, please consult the documents section below.


  • EER 2021 process (to be published in autumn 2019)
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EER Jury



Mr Piotr Zajaczkowski
Committee of the Regions
Tel: +32 (0)2/282.24.01

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