Election materials for download  

On this page, you will find a comprehensive overview of social media material regarding the European Elections. The material is usually available in all EU languages. It is free for you to download, embed on your websites and share on your own social media channels. Please respect the copyright rules.

The campaign hashtags are:

Also, be aware that this is just a selection – you can find more material on the linked pages. This page will also be updated when there is new material, so it is worth dropping by from time to time.         

Material from the European Parliament:

What Europe does for me
What does the EU do for you and your region? Ever wondered what its benefits are for freelancers, astronauts or victims of cybercrime? The "Leistungsbilanz" offers detailed descriptions of projects in your region and shows the impact of the EU in your daily life.



"How it works"
Here is a selection of videos that detail the election process and explain the workings of the EU institutions and their benefits.


"Speaking up for citizens"

This series of videos shows how citizens profit from EU legislation:


"Europe and me": #FutureofEurope, #EUandMe
During the European Youth Event (EYE) in June 2018 in Strasbourg, the European Parliament recorded a series of interviews with young people. In spontaneous interviews, the young participants answer some questions on Europe. The videos are in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Participants give their opinion on three topics: their vision of the future of Europe, what made them feel European the first time, and what Europe means to them.

In this folder, young voters explain why they are going to vote and what issues matter most to them. There are videos for each EU country.


In the Download Centre of the European Parliament, you will find many more visuals, posters and signatures in all EU languages.

Further information on the election process here.

Material from the European Commission:

The European Commission also produced a number of movies under the topic #EUandME. The short emotional films focus on different rights and appeal to a young audience. (Password: 7f69FB8pqs3)


Material from the European Committee of the Regions: 

We have ​a dropbox account whe​re we gather all the election materials (such as timelines with key dates, in all languages) that we create.​​