Stakeholder consultations aim to establish contacts between rapporteurs and representatives of various stakeholders such as associations of local and regional authorities and local or regional offices. During these consultations, participating stakeholders discuss their viewpoints with the rapporteur, who may decide to take them into account in the draft opinion.

See below for a schedule of stakeholder consultations held by the European Committee ​of the Regions at the request of rapporteurs preparing draft opinions for commission meetings.

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Europe's interface: Border Regions talking - Youth Forum
Europe's interface: Border Regions talking - Youth Forum
Consultation04.10.2021 | Future of Europe;Cross-border and territorial cooperation;
​The geographical location of Saxony in the border triangle between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic offers favourable conditions for cross-border dialogues. Border regions are considered to be the interfaces of Europe: the advantages but also the gaps of the European integration are increasingly noticeable there. This is why the organisers intends to highlight the importance of the ever closer interconnections of the border regions, they aim to emphasies that higher priority in national policy are to be given and cross border regions need to be seem as an opportunity to deepen European integration regionally. A series of three events with the support of the Bertelsmann Foundation was developped and wil be organised in partnership with the Saxon State Ministry of Justice, for Democracy, European Affairs and Gender Equality, the Marshal's Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, EUROREGION ELBE/LABE, EUREGIO EGRENSIS Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sachsen/Thüringen mit Sitz in Plauen/Vogtland/ EUROPE DIRECT Vogtland. During its first event; a trilateral Youth Forum, young people from Saxony (DE), Lower Silesia (PL) Usti and Karlovy Vary (Cz) will be invited to exchange and deliberate on three topics to be discussed at the third closing citizens' conference. This will be followed by an online event scheduled for 27 November 2021 with randomly selected citizens from the same regions to elaborate on the topic of European Citizenship. The closing part of the series at a two-day event, participants will meet to further discuss the subject of European Citizenship, but also the three other topics developed by the trilateral Youth Forum. Besides using the methodology of random selection and deliberation the organisers hope to promote a shift from top down communication to real democratic participation, so the future of Europe is best tailored to citizens' needs.  

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