Future of Europe: CoR teams up with Bertelsmann Foundation  

The Conference on the Future of Europe: Local citizens' dialogues and panels on the future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe is the opportunity for citizens to interact with politicians across different levels of government and express what the aspire for in Europe. As the assembly of locally el​​​ected politicians, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) believes this is an opportunity to establish that new models of dialogue and deliberation with citizens can strengthen democracies.​ The intention is to open a "European public sphere" where the particular realities of citizens and places are brought forwards.

The CoR has partnered with the Bertelsmann Foundation to create this project designed to make cities' and regions' voices heard throughout the Conference on the Future of Europe. Innovative participatory processes and online tools will be used to host citizens' panels. These will provide input to high level debates as well as recommendations for the final report of the Conference expected in spring 2022.

Project launch -  12 May  2021 12:30-14:00 - Information webinar​

​The CoR and Bertelsmann Foundation will launch this project on 12th May and invite​ cities and regions to hold a fixed number of local, cross-border or inter-regional citizens' dialogues or panels between September and December 2021 in or​der to discuss topics of their concern. The key message deriving from the process will be that European democracy matters to Europe's regions and cities and vice versa and that new models of deliberation with citizens can strengthen democracy across levels of government. 

Key elements of this project include:

  • guidance, training and, if necessary, facilitators, for the local and regional event partners during the preparation and follow-up of the events;
  • advice, if needed, for the technical part of the citizens' dialogues/panels; including technical platform, interpretation on case by case basis;
  • assistance for and provision of media relations, social media and communciation support;
  • online documentation of the process and a coordinated approach to feed the results into the proceedings of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

​Follow the webinar by this link.​

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