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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The European Green Deal is the new growth strategy tasked with driving the EU towards climate neutrality by 2050. The European Green Deal involves major changes in several sectors at all levels: from climate to energy, from transport to biodiversity protection, from agriculture to a more circular economy. Every city an d region must therefore be part of this historic opportunity, proactively taking part in multilevel governance mechanisms in cooperation with national governments and the EU, not least with neighbouring regions across the continent.


​Our goals

The European Climate Pact plays a pivotal role in the full implementation of the European Green Deal. It seeks to create an open and inclusive platform with which to engage citizens and communities in action for our climate and environment. The Climate Pact will focus on spreading awareness and supporting action, in order to connect and collectively develop and implement climate solutions, big and small.

The CoR is working with the European Commission to make the Climate Pact a success. The Green Deal Going Local scheme is a new initiative of the European Committee of the Regions whose aim is to put cities and regions at the core of the European Green Deal and ensure that both the EU's sustainable growth strategy and the COVID‑19 recovery plan translate into direct funding for cities and regions and tangible projects for every area. Green Deal Going Local is composed of a working group and a number of communication activities.

In this ambit, the CoR has launched a call for CoR Climate Pact Ambassadors for members to actively promote the Green Deal in their areas through political activities and best practices. The Ambassadors will also provide periodical feedback on the effectiveness of EU policies on the ground and promote vertical integration. All CoR members can apply here to become CoR Ambassadors for the Climate Pact.

Once selected, CoR Climate Pact Ambassadors will join thenetwork of Climate Pact Ambassadors managed by the European Commission, be recognised as Ambassador, gain visibility for their climate action on the Pact Website and have access to communication tools (a Pact communication kit will be available in 2021). They will become climate emissaries, speaking at international events and encouraging towns, cities and regions to become frontrunners in implementation of the European Green Deal through the organisation of Climate Pact Satellite events at local level. They will also be reporting back to the Green Deal Going Local working group on the experiences, best practices and issues they observe on the ground.

The implementation of the European Green Deal is also a crucial area of the Conference on the future of Europe. Climate Pact Ambassadors' role is key to increase citizens' participation in shaping the future of Europe. The debates on a greener Europe organised in the framework of the European Climate Pact will hence feed the discussion on the future of Europe.

The call for CoR Climate Pact Ambassadors is one of the CoR's key actions for the Climate Pact.

The CoR also supports various initiatives aimed at enhancing the potential of CoR members, as well as other local and regional authorities, to lead the way towards climate neutrality. Every climate action, every climate commitment, every climate achievement is crucial!

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