Helping regions and cities fight coronavirus  

​​​The COVID-19 outbreak has put the world to the test, and is both a challenge and an opportunity for how we wish to rebuild our future. Governments at all levels, and in particular local and regional authorities, are being called upon to provide emergency services, contain the spread of disease, mitigate as far as possible the resulting social and economic impact, and coordinate efforts for recovery. With local and regional leaders on the COVID-19 frontline, the European Committee of the Regions is backing their efforts.

1. This exchange platform for mutual exchange and support bears witness to hundreds of concrete experiences of how they are facing the challenge and supporting their businesses and communities. It also covers cross-border cooperation and transnational experiences.     

​2.  The first Annual Regional and Local Barometer report provides a fact-based analysis of the effects of the pandemic on health, the economy, digital transition, social and employment aspects, the environment, and political attitudes of the regional and local communities. It also provides a first assessment of policy responses at EU, national and sub-national levels. Discover the report and the CoR's policy recommendations.

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3.Concrete proposals for action and policy initiatives are regularly put forward as part of the Committee's work. It is essential to keep working bottom-up for an inclusive and sustainable recovery, and to learn from the crisis to build more resilient communities. Find out more about our policy proposals and activities by browsing through our news, events and opinions sections.
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