Assistant M/F (Temporary Agent, grade AST2) GREENS Group  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR/AST2/16/21/GREENS
Function Group: AST
Management: No
Deadline:14/06/2021 12:00
Job Title: Assistant (Temporary staff)
Unit/Service: GREENS Group
Grade: AST2
Location: Brussels



The temporary agent will be in charge of the operational tasks of the Group in relation to their activities, such as participation in the Commissions, Plenary Sessions, Working Groups, and other working structures. They will manage office-related issues, support the Secretary General and the Political Adviser in their activities and contribute to the Communication activities.

The main duties of the assistant are to:

- Take care of the necessary technical preparation of meetings (e.g. reservation and setting up of rooms or internet platforms, requests for interpretation) and assist preparing meeting documents (e.g. templates for voting lists, draft agendas, etc.);

- Be in charge of office-related issues (e.g. office supply, IT issues) and of internal administrative procedures and processes (requests for authorisations, reimbursement requests, etc.), which are handled on the CoR Platforms (Agora, Adonis, Members Portal, etc);

- Contribute to the sound management of the budget by monitoring carefully the expenses; act as Operational Initiating Agent;

- Support monitoring and reporting activities (e.g. keeping statistics, overview of activities);

- Assist the execution of communication activities (e.g. uploading content on the Website, preparation of presentations);

- Other duties that may be added when necessary due to upcoming needs of the Group.


The selection procedure is open to candidates who meet the following conditions on the closing date for applications:

A. General conditions

Under article 12(2) (a) of the CEOS, each candidate must:

- be a national of a Member State of the European Union;

- have fulfilled any obligations concerning statutory military service;

- have produced the necessary character references for performance of the duties concerned (the successful candidate will be required to provide an extract from his/her police record or equivalent document before recruitment);

- be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post (the successful candidate will be examined by the CoR Medical Officer before recruitment).

B. Specific conditions

1. Diplomas and professional experience:

- have completed either (a) post-secondary education attested by a diploma or (b) secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education, followed by at least three years' professional experience relevant to the nature of the duties.

- have a minimum of two years professional experience as main field of activity in the preparation and coordination in an environment of a political nature. This experience must be gained either (a) since obtaining the qualification required under the point (a) above; or (b) since obtaining the qualification and professional experience required under the point (b) above.

2. Knowledge and competencies:

- Proven organisation and administrative skills;

- Very good communication skills, orally and in writing;

- Good knowledge and understanding of administrative processes and procedures;

- Experience in financial management;

- Open minded, flexible, interested in new ideas and approaches;

- Pro-active and service minded attitude;

- Willing to take on responsibilities and to work in an autonomous way;

- Knowing to cope with stress and sometimes with a high level of work load;

- Identify with the Green Party's objectives and positions.

3. Language skills:

A thorough knowledge of an official language of the European Union and at least a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the Union is required. For functional reasons, a very good knowledge of English or French is required and at least a satisfactory knowledge of the other of the two languages. Candidates having English or French as their mother tongue will be required to sit the written tests in the other one of the two languages.

4. IT skills:

Very good knowledge of current office software and internet applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, but also of most common communication platforms (Skype for Business, Zoom, Teams) are required. Knowledge of further programmes and social media, as well as a general positive attitude towards (new) internet applications and software would be an asset.

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