COR-AD6-22-21-PES Group  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR-AD6-22-21-PES
Function Group: AD
Management: No
Deadline:25/11/2021 12:00
Unit/Service: PES Group
Grade: AD6
Location: Brussels


The successful candidate will be responsible, under the authority of the Group's president and Secretary-General, for the political preparation of the meetings of the CoR commission meetings, plenary sessions and other political initiatives and for maintaining inter-institutional relations and relations within the PES political network.

The position requires relevant political experience and competences as a political advisor, and must be carried out in alignment with the political priorities and objectives of the CoR and the PES Group. 

The main duties of the political advisor are to:

  • prepare briefings for the PES Group political coordinators;
  • provide support to PES rapporteurs and shadow-rapporteurs for the drafting of their opinions, for the formulation of amendments and for political negotiations;
  • prepare voting lists and be responsible for negotiations with the other political groups' secretariats and at administrative level;
  • facilitate bilateral communication with the relevant counterparts in the EP;
  • follow the relevant networks and bodies within the PES political family;
  • contribute to organising events on issues of political importance for the PES Group;
  • help draft media briefing notes, press releases, material for communication campaigns, and content for the web and for social media networks;
  • support the president and other CoR political leaders in the PES Group by drafting briefing notes and speeches.

The selection procedure is open to candidates who meet the following conditions on the closing date for applications:

  1. General conditions

Under Article 12(2)(a) of the CEOS, each candidate must:

  • be a national of a Member State of the EU;
  • have fulfilled any obligations concerning statutory military service;
  • have produced the necessary character references for performance of the duties concerned (the successful candidate will be required to provide an extract from his/her police records or equivalent document before recruitment);
  • be physically fit to perform the duties associated with the post (the successful candidate will be required to be examined by the CoR Medical Officer before recruitment).
  1. Specific conditions
  1. Diplomas and professional experience:
  • have completed a university education of at least three years attested by a diploma, preferably in political science, international relations or EU studies;
  • have a minimum of a 3-year professional experience as main field of activity as political advisor in an EU environment of a political nature in line with the objectives of the PES European family.
  1. Knowledge and experience:
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Excellent negotiation and networking skills;
  • Experience in the management of multiple projects simultaneously.

In addition, the ideal candidate will have:

  • a good knowledge of the EU institutions and how EU policies relate to local and regional authorities;
  • experience of the organisation, activities and objectives of the PES European family and commitment to the PES Group's values;
  • a strong team-player attitude;
  • good adaptability to a fast-paced environment;
  • a hands-on attitude;
  • very good organisational skills and the ability to meet deadlines;
  • a sense of responsibility and capacity to work under pressure;
  • experience working with local and regional authorities;
  • experience working in a multicultural and multilingual environment.
  1. Language skills:

A thorough knowledge of an official language of the EU and at least a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the Union is required. For functional reasons, a very good knowledge of English is required. Candidates having English as their mother tongue will be required to sit the written tests in French.[1]

  1. IT skills:

Very good knowledge of current office software and internet applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, but also of most common communication platforms and online events tools is required.

[1] In view of the nature of the duties to be carried out, this requirement is necessary in order to strike a balance between the need to ensure the recruitment of staff members possessing the highest levels of competence, performance and integrity, and the interests of the service, which requires the candidates to be immediately operational and capable of communicating effectively within the institution as part of their daily work in one of the languages most used as an internal lingua franca by the officials and staff of the EU. Candidates having English as their mother tongue will be required to sit the tests in French, as this is the second most used language in the CoR work environment.

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