COR/AD5-AD11/7/21 Administrator (M/F) (AD5-AD11)  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR/AD5-AD11/7/21
Directorate: Directorate D, Communication
Function Group: AD
Management: No
Deadline:09/04/2021 12:00
Job Title: Administrator (M/F)
Unit/Service: Unit D.3 - Digital communication and IT strategy
Grade: AD5-AD11
Location: Brussels


Your job and responsibilities

Your experience and contribution to our work:

We are looking forward to a new colleague who is a writer, content creator, idea generator, project manager and communication multitasker - a colleague who can bring a creative vision to our communication products.

You will support our everyday efforts to translate our political messages and strategies into innovative products and campaign targeting politicians, citizens, stakeholders or internal staff. You will do so by working together with a team of five graphic designers, supporting them in applying the right tone, their visual and artistic choices, leading and accompanying their continuous adaptation to the digital and visual age.

From branding a remote Plenary session to easy-to-understand infographics, from "classical" print products to UX/UI design and visuals: you jump from leading the creation of printable products to the particularities of social media visuals and the needs of other digital communication channels. The talent we are looking for can also write snappy and engaging copy for a wide audience, crafting content and works words into wonders - you strive to make the CoR brand and messages widely known, understood and recognized. 

Working in communication implies teamwork and reaching out to colleagues beyond the unit and the Directorate. Bridging between clients, creatives and the audiences will be a key skill of the new colleague.

Brief description of main responsibilities:

You will assume responsibility in particular for the following tasks:

  • Develop and roll-out projects, using a Project Cycle Management approach in close coordination with teams across the CoR. This will include key recurring communication products - from recurring products such as the annual impact report, to our President’s annual “Barometer” report, etc. as well as new and one-off products to support our communication priorities;
  • Develop creative concepts and crafting compelling stories and messages for a wide array of audiences and platforms - both online and offline;
  • Write coherent, high quality content, adapting to a variety of styles and formats: from ad hoc visuals to longer print products, from data visualisation to videos and animations, etc;
  • Implement related tasks such as research, development, proofreading, editing and sourcing images, coordinating with press, web, social media specialists and beyond;
  • Collect and coordinate contributions from other authors;
  • Revamp existing products in regards of new trends in digital publishing and graphic design;
  • Contribute to identifying best practices in the area of visual communication.
Are you the talent we are looking for?

  • Above all, you “think visual” and like to find the right balance between words and visuals;
  • You are great with words and confident working across channels;
  • You understand the variety of today’s target audiences as an interesting challenge;
  • You stay at the forefront of new trends in this area;
  • You have a pro-active approach, ability to  work across teams and have a strong sense of "teamwork" and service to your colleagues;
  • You possess a sound grasp of communication, especially digital;
  • You are motivated and able to work with teams;
  • You have sense of responsibility and work well under pressure;
  • You have a mind-set for availability and flexibility;
  • You have excellent organisational skills and political awareness, you respect deadlines and are able to set priorities;
  • You have a thorough knowledge of one official EU language and a satisfactory knowledge of a second language of the European Union. For functional reasons, a good knowledge of English or French is required. Knowledge of other official EU languages would be an asset.

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