CDR-AST1-47-19-PSE - Group of the Party of European Socialists  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR-AST1-47-19-PSE
Function Group: AST
Management: No
Deadline:15/01/2020 12:00
Job Title: Assistant (M/F) (Temporary Agent)
Unit/Service: Group of the Party of European Socialists
Grade: AST1
Location: Brussels


The qualified temporary agent will be responsible, under the authority of the group's President and its Secretary-General, for the political preparation of the meetings of the CoR commissions, plenary sessions and other political initiatives.

The main duties of the political assistant are to:
- provide administrative and political support to PES political advisors in the scope of the CoR's consultative works as well as to PES coordinators of CoR commissions for all CoR commission meetings and at CoR Plenary Sessions;
- ensure monitoring and follow-up of CoR opinions' full lifecycle (including voting lists, amendments, etc.), also in relation to the European Parliament (parliamentary committees, S&D Group, plenary) and to the European Commission;
- contribute to the logistical, administrative and political organisation of PES Group meetings, conferences and events.

1. Diplomas and professional experience:

- have completed either (a) post-secondary education attested by a diploma or (b) secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education, followed by at least three years' professional experience relevant to the nature of the duties. These three years of professional experience cannot be counted towards the professional experience required under the point below;
- have a minimum of one year professional experience as main field of activity in the political preparation and coordination in an environment of a political nature. This experience must be gained either (a) since obtaining the qualification required under the point (a) above; or (b) since obtaining the qualification and professional experience required under the point (b) above.

2. Knowledge and competencies:

- have a very good knowledge of the European Union's institutional structures, policies and activities;
- be able to manage multiple projects simultaneously;
- be familiar with the objectives, values and activities of the Party of European Socialists and its member parties and organisations.

In addition, the ideal candidate will have:
- a good knowledge of how the relevant EU policies relate to local and regional authorities;
- experience working directly with politicians of the PES political family;
- very good organisational, drafting and analytical skills.

3. Language skills:

A thorough knowledge of an official language of the European Union and at least a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the Union is required. For functional reasons, a very good knowledge of English or French is required and at least a satisfactory knowledge of the other of the two languages. Candidates having English or French as their mother tongue will be required to sit the writing editorial tests in the other one of the two languages .

4. IT skills:

Excellent knowledge of current office software (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, database research).



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