CDR-AD5-AD11-41-18 Public Procurement Sector  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: CDR/AD5-AD11/41/18
Directorate: Directorate E, Human Resources and Finance
Function Group: AD
Management: No
Deadline:11/01/2019 12:00
Job Title: ADMINISTRATOR (M/F) - Head of Sector
Unit/Service: General Administration and Public Procurement Unit - Public Procurement Sector
Grade: AD5 - AD11
Location: Brussels


Under the supervision of the Head of Unit, the main responsibilities of the Head of Sector include:
– Assuming the daily responsibility for planning, coordinating, implementing, managing and supervising the sector’s work: identifying and monitoring the sector's objectives, ensuring
proper and timely implementation of decisions and policies, ensuring quality control and checking that decisions and operations comply with official rules and procedures; dividing and coordinating the work between the team members and assuming proper follow up;
– Assuming the daily management and supervision of the team (consisting of 2 assistants) with particular focus on the day-to-day running of the sector and its staff, fostering good internal communication and team spirit, motivating staff, stimulating a positive working environment and guaranteeing an optimal performance level;
– Providing support and advice to Management with regard to staff development and performance of the team;
– Managing the PPS efficiently in order to ensure, in close cooperation with the operational initiating services and responsible Authorising Officers, that the public procurement procedures launched by CoR services comply with the Financial Regulation and other applicable internal rules and procedures;
– Establishing and regularly updating the annual procurement planning, based on the needs signalled by the operational services;
– Preparing and managing the procedural and administrative aspects of public procurement procedures, including the preparation of all relevant procurement documentation, on thebasis of tender specifications, selection criteria and award criteria provided by the operational initiating services;
– Assuring the secretariat of the opening and evaluation committees;
– Acting as contact point with candidates throughout the procurement process until the contract has been signed by both parties;
– Providing support to the Authorising Officers during the implementation phase of the contract in cases such as amendments to the contract, application of penalties and termination of the contract;
– Providing procedural advice on public procurement and contract implementation to managers and CoR staff, when appropriate, in order to ensure that the CoR acts in the framework of its regulatory obligations;
– Providing support by updating templates, guidelines, checklists, procurement policy and procedures and any other documents related to the procurement cycle;
– Following-up on the development of EU legislation in the area of procurement;

In the light of the evolving needs of the service, the Head of Unit may enlarge the set of task and responsibilities.

Qualifications and skills required:

– Solid knowledge of rules and procedures in place regarding EU public procurement and a confirmed relevant professional experience in the area (drafting contracts, launching tender procedures, etc.);
– Good knowledge of the Financial Regulation and of the provisions concerning tender procedures and contracts in particular;
– Aptitude to manage teams with ability to delegate, supervise, give and receive feedback and motivate colleagues;
– Understanding of the activities, works and political priorities of the CoR;
– Good knowledge of standard computer tools, in particular Excel and Word programmes;
– Thorough knowledge of one official EU language and satisfactory knowledge of another official EU language. For functional reasons, a thorough knowledge of French or English is required. Knowledge of other official EU languages would be an asset;
– A degree or similar qualification in the areas of law, accountancy, economics/statistics or public administration would be an asset;

Abilities and competences searched:

– Excellent planning, coordination and organising skills;
– Good interpersonal skills and sense of diplomacy;
– Good team spirit and ability to work autonomously;
– Sound analytical, drafting and communication skills;
– Sense of initiative, professionalism and service mindedness;
– Precision, attention to detail and ability to maintain accuracy and speed under pressure;
– Flexibility, adaptability and availability;
– Integrity and discretion.

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