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At the CoR(e) of an EU Political Assembly  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This project offers an immersive journey following trainees as they explore the inner workings of the Committee of Regions (CoR) and its Commissions. The trainees' experience provides insights into the role of the Rapporteur and the political work undertaken by CoR Members for EU citizens. The documentary comprehensively showcases the CoR's responsibilities in regional development, social policy, environment, culture, education, etc. It highlights the connection between the CoR's work and its impact at the regional and local level. Viewers are encouraged to appreciate citizen engagement, representation, and collaborative efforts in shaping regional and local policies.


Process and mission

The [Y] Factor Spring 2023 project's aim is to increase awareness and understanding of the Committee of the Regions' role among the European institutions. Through short and comprehensive videos, the Spring 2023 trainees explain the work of the Committee, stressing the importance of its mission. Ultimately, the project strives to promote civic participation and generate greater voters' interest in the 2024 European elections. The project began with thorough research into the functioning of the Committee of the Regions. Following this, the target audience and the level of detail in the provided information notions to be disseminated were determined. Subsequently, the scriptwriting process commenced, taking into account both the administrative and political aspects of the Committee's work. The script was carefully crafted to be informative yet concise, ensuring it could be easily understood by the general public who may have limited awareness of the work of the European institutions in general. Finally, a communication campaign was launched on social media, showcasing the daily work of the Committee of the Regions through the eyes of a trainee and featuring accessible graphics with a basic overview of the Committee's history and statistics.

The outcome

Our project has yielded a range of outcomes, of which the documentary is only the culmination. We have indeed also created a short trailer to generate interest, as well as conducted a complementary social media strategy to provide further insights and in-depth background information on the CoR and the project. In addition, we have produced an analytical report that evaluates the project process, providing valuable feedback and guidelines for future initiatives.



At the CoR(e) of an EU Political Assembly


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  • At the CoR(e) of an EU Political Assembly
    At the CoR(e) of an EU Political Assembly

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