National Delegation 

National Delegation of France

​The French delegation is made up of 24 members and an equal number of alternates.

12 members represent the regions, six members represent the departments and six members represent the municipalities.


​​Organisation of the French delegation and promotion of local and regional interests

The French delegation meets prior to each CoR plenary session to ensure the coordination of work and distribution of information. The European affairs officers of the ARF, ADF and AMF act as the delegation's coordinators and also provide members with technical assistance in their CoR work.

Appointing t​he delegation

The members of the French delegation are appointed by the French Prime Minister on a proposal from the national associations of local and regional authorities. These are the Association of French Regions (Association des Régions de France - ARF), the Assembly of French Departments (Assemblée des Départements de France - ADF) and the Association of French Mayors (Association des Maires de France- AMF).


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