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Cinsedo and Subsidiarity Conference  

​​​​​​​On 21 November, the Italian regional center for documentation and studies, Cinsedo, organised a workshop dedicated to RegHub in Rome​. Some 80 officials from all of Italy's 18 regions and 2 autonomous provinces, as well as representatives from the Italian government attended the event. 

Contact points of four hubs were present: Sabrina Pocceschi (Umbria/Veneto), Veronika Meyer (Autonomous Province of Bolzano), Maurizio Ricciardelli (Emilia-Romagna) and Dora Lo Giudice, (Friuli Venezia Giulia), giving a detailed overview of the organisational arrangements of their hubs and explained why RegHub represents a high added value for their territories. They also set out past and future challenges of their membership in the network.

The regional hubs were prominently mentioned during the CoR's 9th Subsidiarity Conference in Rome that took place the day after the Cinsedo event. The importance of the results of the RegHub consultations for the work of the other EU institutions was once more put forward. Many welcomed therefore that the results of the first consultations have been very well received by the European Commission.

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