National Delegation 

National Delegation of Poland

Polish delegation promotes and advocates the European Committee of the Regions's interests in Poland and at the EU level. The tasks of the Polish CoR members also include informing the EU forum about policy topics and issues which are important to the regional and local authorities in Poland. ​


Organisation and political representation

Polish delegates actively contribute to the EU legislative process by preparing opinions and resolutions taken up by the CoR upon its own initiative. They also organise CoR events and political meetings in their home cities and towns. During thePolish Presidency of the EU Council in the 2nd half year of 2011, the delegation members initiated a number of significant events, e.g.the inaugural meeting of the Permanent Conference of the Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP) organised on the invitation of President Marek Woźniak, which took place in Poznań (Wielkopolska region). Since then this EU-level institutional engagement of local and regional authorities in the Eastern Parnership is called the Poznan Process.

The delegation meets before every plenary session in order to discuss the most essential topics and agree common positions and actions. During these meetings, guests speakers from the European institutions, the Polish government, as well as various experts are invited to present subjects that are most relevant for the delegation activities related to the EU agenda. It also allows the members to advocate their interests and influence the national and European decision making process. The delegates also participate in different conferences, seminars and meetings organised in co-operation with the CoR, both in Brussels and in many EU member states.

The works of Polish delegation are co-ordinated by the Information Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Brussels.

More information on the delegation

Appointing the del​egation

All​​​ Polish members are elected representatives of their local and regional authorities. The Polish delegation is composed of the following:

  • ten full members and ten alternates from the Association of Polish Voivodeship;
  • three full members and three alternates from the Association of Polish Counties;
  • three full members and three alternates from the Association of Polish Cities;
  • two full members and two alternates from the Union of Polish Metropolis;
  • two full members and two alternates from the Association of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland;
  • one full member and one alternate from the Union of Small Polish Towns.

The list of candidates, as appointed by the above-mentioned associations, is then agreed by the Joint Government and Self-Government Commission and presented to the Polish Prime Minister for formal approval and then to the Commission for European Affairs of the Polish Parliament.​

Der Präsident

+48 61 6266600 Niepodleglości 34
61-714 Poznan


  • Malgorzata SYLLA
    Malgorzata SYLLA 
    Senior Policy Officer - Wielkopolska Region Brussels Office
    +32 2 7340941, +32 479 15 30 24 (BE)
    +48 61 278 53 96 (PL)
    Malgorzata.Sylla@wielkopolska.euRue Montoyer 21
    1000 Brussels
  • default
    Joanna Kubiak 
    Acting Director - Wielkopolska Region Brussels Office
    + 32 (0) 2 734 09 41 (BE)
    + 48 61 278 53 95 (PL)
    joanna.kubiak@wielkopolska.euRue Montoyer 21
    1000 Brussels
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