National Delegation 

National Delegation of Greece

The Greek delegation to the Committee of the Regions consists of 12 members and 12 alternates. Members are elected representatives of first-tier and second-tier local government or politically accountable to an elected Assembly.​


​Appointing the d​​elegation

The Greek Ministry of Interior draws up a list of candidates based on geographical/territorial and political criteria, as well as a balanced representation of the 2 levels of local government.​

Der Präsident

Dimitrios KARNAVOS
Dimitrios KARNAVOS 
+30 213 2070321
d.karnavos@yahoo.grMantzagriotaki 76
 Athína - Athènes


  • Katerina KARAVOLA
    Katerina KARAVOLA 
    +32 2 2301376
    +32 473 357350
    eetaa@arcadis.beSquare de Meeûs 1
    1000 Brussels
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