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My future Europe - A citizens' dialogue  
With neo-nationalist movements in eastern European countries, the Brexitscenario, the financial imbalance in some Euro zone states, youth unemployment in southern member states and a constantly present migration crisis, there are a lot of challenges that the EU must face at once. Are the European Union and its institutions well prepared to tackle these problems?

The discussion will deal with 4 major issues like the democratic deficit, the integration of migrants, social economic territorial cohesion and the impact of Europe on the regional and local level. CoR Members Birgit Honé (PES) and Ulrike Hiller (PES) will attent the debate as speakers.

Prior to the event the trainees of Hannover Region will launch a facebook page with the 4 major discussion topics. This will allow a low-threshold offering discussion for all kind of inhabitants and will open the range of debate participants. The results of this facebook chat and the results of the slido app surveys will trigger the discussion with the speaker and the audience.

Organizer: Lower Saxony Region State Chancellery
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