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CIVEX Webinar - Tensions between Crisis Management and Fundamental Freedoms  
​In reaction to the current health crisis due to Covid- 19, several Member States have established a range of measures restricting citizens' freedoms and fundamental rights, also with regionally differing intensity.
Decisions taken at regional and local level have an impact on citizens' daily lives and how they can exert their fundamental rights and freedoms. Finding the right balance between fundamental rights and the public interest to keep some restrictions becomes even more crucial in the current situation, with the contagion slowing down and the situation improving. This webinar will look at tensions between crisis management and fundamental freedoms ​​pertaining to different dimensions. 

CIVEX members will present experiences from their territories and discuss with Sophie Pornschlegel, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre. 


Contact Person: CIVEX secretariat
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions, CIVEX Commission
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