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Citizens' debate - Reflecting on the future of Europe  

A citizens' debate taking place in Jasionka on 4 February is the first citizens' debate supported by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) in Poland in the context of the new campaign - "Reflecting on Europe".

Upon the initiative of Władysław Ortyl, Marshal of the Podkarpackie Region, the event represents an opportunity to have an open and interactive debate with citizens on the future of the European project, its concrete achievements,  and the challenges facing it today. The main objective is to listen to the citizens and report back to the EU institutions in Brussels in order to contribute to the ongoing reflection on the future of Europe.


"Reflecting on Europe" is an initiative launched by the European Committee of the Regions to offer a space for citizens to present their ideas, thoughts and opinions on what the European Union should be. In this context, regional and local authorities are asked to engage in a dialogue with their citizens and to collect feedback on their concerns, thoughts and ideas about the future of the EU. The CoR takes the commitment to make citizens' voices heard and to take into account their input in shaping the on-going political debate on the future of Europe.

During the CoR's plenary debate on the "Reflection on the EU", on 11 October 2016, CoR members have been called upon to engage in going local and listening to their citizens, as the most credible elected politicians. The aim is to establish a dialogue with people in simple words, around joint values and with the possibility and to bring up their concerns to the EU legislative bodies.

Organizer: Podkarpackie Region
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