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Reflecting on Europe: Cities and regions as change agents  
Complementary to the Brussels workshop, this local event will focus on how citizen-driven innovation can foster territorial development while promoting the creation of new high-skilled job sectors. 

The event will divided in two parts of half day each one: The first part event (ETOPIA) will aim to demonstrate how citizen- driven innovative addressed to urban challenges (sustainable urban logistics, resource efficiency, digital transition, healthy food, cultural activitie) can provide opportunities for the private sector at a regional level to boost its competitiveness while having a positive and relevant impact for its local environment, particularly through the creation of qualified jobs. This part event will be organized as seminar to showcase concrete examples of how regional and local clusters are promoting innovation in their territorial contexts.

The second part event (LA ALJAFERÍA) will aim to discuss about empowering citizens as driving force for a more effective innovation. The type of this part event will be a citizens’ dialog involving EU, national, regional and local policy/decision makers, representative of citizens’ organizations, and other stakeholders: academic and research experts, private companies, financial institutions.

The two events as a whole will contribute to enhance the feedback survey on the Reflecting Europe consultation.


Organizer: City of Saragossa
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