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CoR ENVE Commission Study Visit Front-runner in a green movement. Study visit to Nijmegen, European Green Capital 2018  
Organised by the Committee of the Regions in cooperation with Mr André van de Nadort, Mayor of the municipality of Weststellingwerf
Having the title of European Green Capital 2018 means Nijmegen will host numerous events, conferences and meetings in 2018 to show and share their projects, efforts and experiences with green and sustainable solutions in the city, and will gladly welcome a delegation of the ENVE committee.
In connection with Nijmegen's programme, there are many projects and locations to visit that can provide inspiration on how to tackle sustainability challenges. The city also acts as ambassador of the European Green Capital project.
The visit to the European Green Capital is an opportunity for the ENVE commission to endorse the importance of this European prize and inspire other local authorities, showcasing good practices.
The visit is in line with and will provide input and inspiration for the work of the ENVE commission on, inter alia, adapting to climate change, air quality, the circular economy package and the proposals on the European energy union.

Organizer: ENVE Commission
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