Visual Identity  

The European Committee of the Regions has a new logo. It is based on a redesign of its former logo, with its main features being a continuous sound wave in the form of arrows arranged around the European Union flag and its name.

Open communication through the visualisation of sound waves is the main imagery of this logo. It gives the feeling of motion and the sending and the receiving of information. The wave represents dialogue, the several voices of the cities and regions whose diverse opinions converge at a particular point along the current, as represented by the European Committee of the Regions, and then rebound as they take back the messages of the European Union to local communities.

The need to revamp the logo comes from the resolution made by the CoR Plenary in 2014 to incorporate “European” to its name. The former logo has been in use for the past 20 years, and notwithstanding the resolution, it was a highly opportune moment for the CoR, nevertheless, to update and revise its graphic chart to better correspond to the trends in visual communication and better reflect current trends in the EU institutions’ communication and branding.

From this website, you may download all 24 language versions of the logo in various formats to be used on a wide range of supports as well as the technical guidelines for its use. The language versions below appear in alphabetical order of the formal titles in their original written forms

For negative, horizontal language versions or adaption to other languages, please contact the CoR Publication service –