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Den fremtidige EU-politik for ren luft inden for rammerne af ambitionen om nul forurening

Opinion Number: CDR 540/2020
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 02/07/2020

- notes that air pollution is still the largest environmental health risk in the EU, responsible for nearly 500 000 premature deaths each year. Air pollution is linked to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancer. It also has significant adverse effects on the climate, ecosystems, the built environment – including cultural heritage – and the economy;

- points to the importance of including the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic in future policies. On the one hand, there is a possible link between air pollution and the gravity of the consequences of infection with the COVID-19 virus; therefore fighting air pollution must be amongst the top priorities of the EU recovery plan. On the other hand, significantly reduced traffic, industrial production and other activities during curfews resulted in significantly less air and noise pollution. Citizens could see more clearly that a healthier environment, less traffic, more open public spaces and nature-based solutions are essential for their well-being. There is strong support for this historic opportunity to build something better;

- supports the European Commission's announcement to propose to more closely align air quality standards to the WHO guidelines, which are currently being revised but draws its attention to the following considerations. Taking into account the high number of Member States that do not meet current standards, it is appropriate to provide for further assistance for implementation where necessary and appropriate and strictly monitored compliance timeframes. The CoR considers emissions rules to be a particularly effective approach, and recommends therefore that more attention be paid to tightening them; at the same time, the CoR welcomes that some Member States, regions or cities can and do already apply stricter limit values on their own initiative if they so wish;

- emphasises the need to focus more on emissions regulation as a better way of achieving clean air by reducing emissions at source (pollution prevention). The NEC directive sets ambitious reduction commitments for the Member States, but EU-wide sectoral regulations are also needed. EU legislation can ensure a more level playing-field, as stricter local emissions reduction requirements may have adverse economic effects. EU legislation should also prevent pollution being shifted to another location.



EU Clean Air Forum

The 3rd EU Clean Air Forum is a major initiative organized by the European Commission on air policy.
As in the past 2 editions the CoR was represented by speakers.

CoR 1st Vice-President Cordeiro (PT/PES) was a pannelist in the Panel on "Engagement with cities and citizens".

Mr Trzaskowski (PL/EPP), President of the Capital City of Warsaw and Rapporteur on the European Climate Pact and on Amending the Energy Efficiency Directive to meet the new 2030 climate targets was a panellist in the Panel on "Air Quality: Revisions of EU rules".
Tweet: https://twitter.com/EU_CoR/status/1461660543446564875
Mr Trzaskowski also had a bilateral meeting with Commissioner Sinkevičius during the Forum.

18 Nov

Commission launches public consultation for cleaner air

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published on 22 September its new guidelines on air quality.
This development was expected and mentoned in the CoR opinion on air policy and in the Zero Pollution Action Plan of the European Commission.
The European Commission has subsequently launched a consultation on clean air connected with the plan of the European Commission to revise the Ambient Air Quality directives in 2022 aiming at aligning the EU air quality standards more closely to the WO guidelines.

23 Sep

Registration open for Clean Air Forum 2021 (18-19 November)

The European Commission is organizing the Clean Air Forum 2021 on 18-19 November. Registrations are open till 4 November.
The event will most likely be in hydrib format with limited phisical presence in Madrid.
A draft basic programme has been published on the webpage.
This will be the third Clean Air Forum, a biennial event that brings together decision-makers, stakeholders and experts to reflect on the development and implementation of effective European, national and local air policies, projects and programmes – and to inform about the ongoing revision of EU rules.

06 Aug

New European city air quality viewer

The European Environment Agency published a new European city air quality viewer that allows you to check long term air pollution levels where you live.

17 Jun

The European Parliament approved a Report on the Implementation of the Ambient Air Quality directives

The European Parliament has approved an own-initiative report on the
Implementation of the Ambient Air Quality Directives: Directive 2004/107/EC and Directive 2008/50/EC
Procedure file:
Text adopted:
Summary of text adopted: https://oeil.secure.europarl.europa.eu/oeil/popups/summary.do?id=1656762&t=d&l=en

25 Mar

Participation of Rapporteur to Clean Air Dialogue (NL)

The CoR Rapporteur participated as speaker to the Clean Air Dialogue in the Netherlands.
The Clean Air Dialogues are bilateral structured dialogues proposed by the Clean Air Programme for Europe in 2013 to help foster the collaborative approach required to deliver actions for enhancing air quality and reducing air pollution in the future.
Here the webpage on Clean Air Dialogue of the European Commission: https://ec.europa.eu/environment/air/clean_air/dialogue.htm

The organizers have prepared a connected publication that includes a contribution of the CoR Rapporteur:

17 Feb

The Rapporteur on air participated to the last Stakeholder workshop – Zero Pollution Action Plan for air, water and soil

The Rapporteur participated to the last Stakeholder workshop – Zero Pollution Action Plan for air, water and soil.
The publication of the plan is foreseen for May.

10 Feb

Statement of CoR Rapporteur KARÁCSONY at ENVI Committee of European Parliament

The CoR Rapporteur, Mr KARÁCSONY (HU/EPP), participated tot he meeting of the Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) of the European Parliament.
He gave a statement during the discussion on the Implementation report on the Ambient Air Quality Directives, Rapporteur LÓPEZ (S&D/ES).

See intervention in the video at minutes 17:22.

Agenda https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/ENVI-OJ-2021-02-04-1_EN.html

04 Feb

The Rapporteur on air spoke at the ENVI Parliamentary Committee discussion on the Own-initiative Report on the implementation of the Ambient Air Quality Directives

The CoR Rapporteur Karácsony (HU/EPP) participated with a statement to the debate on the Report on the Implementation of the Ambient Air Quality Directives: Directive 2004/107/EC and Directive 2008/50/EC https://oeil.secure.europarl.europa.eu/oeil/popups/ficheprocedure.do?lang=en&reference=2020/2091(INI)
at the the Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) of the European Parliament.

Video (See time 17:22 for intervention of the Rapporteur)

04 Feb

Public consultation on the Zero pollution action plan for water, air and soil

11 Nov

International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

On the occasion of the 1st ever International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies our member János Ádám Karácsony urges that #CleanAirEU be on the top of the EU's recovery plan
Read more about his opinon: https://europa.eu/!mx66wM

07 Sep

Bilateral meeting between the Rapporteur and Ms Tóth, Member of the European Parliament

The Rapporteur, Mr Karácsony (HU/EPP) met the Member of the European Parliament, Ms Tóth (EPP/HU) to discuss air policy.

15 Jul

Publication of the European Commission report on the implementation of the NEC Directive

Publication of the European Commission report on the implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/2284 on the reduction of national emissions of certain atmospheric pollutants (NEC Directive)

26 Jun

Rapporteur at the Webinar on Air pollution and COVID-19 of the European Policy Centre

The rapporteur intervened as a speaker at the Webinar on Air pollution and COVID-19 organized by the European Policy Centre.

11 Jun

Air quality: Council adopts conclusions

The Council adopts conclusions on air quality.

05 Mar
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