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RegHub launches Fit for Future consultations on eProcurement and INSPIRE  

The work of the European Commission's Fit for Future Platform (F4F) has taken on speed and its subgroups and experts are about to carry out consultations on selected EU legislation in order to check whether it is futureproof and fit for purpose.

The CoR's RegHub network works closely together with the CoR representatives to F4F, who have been appointed rapporteurs for F4F opinions. It is in this framework that RegHub has launched two consultations to provide Mark Speich's (EPP/DE) and Anne Karjalainen's (PES/FI) opinions on eProcurement and the INSPIRE Directive respectively with evidence from the ground.

​​1.     The first consultation examines the implementation of eProcurement at the local and regional level, a topic which has been put on the F4F agenda by the CoR. eProcurement is one of the key drivers toward implementation of the 'once-only principle' in public administrations, a cornerstone of the EU's Digital Single Market strategy. eProcurement is among the main success factors and conditions for measures to effectively support SMEs' participation in public procurement – in this context, it is key to ensure cross-sector cooperation and interoperability of digital public administration. To assess the existing regulations' capacity to address the challenges in this area is the objective of this RegHub consultation. The first RegHub implementation report on public procurement has already paved the way for the ongoing work.

2.     The second consultation looks at the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. INSPIRE establishes a spatial information infrastructure for Europe in support of environmental policies. This has allowed to improve public access to geospatial data across the European Union.  Actors at the local and regional level are involved in the implementation of the Directive and help to identify challenges and new opportunities for policy support.

The third opinion, drafted by Ulrika Landergren (Renew/SE) benefits from an existing RegHub implementation report on cross-border healthcare.


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