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Stakeholder consultation on creating an enabling environment for the social economy – the local and regional perspective  

This public online consultation will feed in the European Committee of the Regions' outlook opinion in view of the forthcoming Proposal for a Council Recommendation on developing social economy framework conditions, following a referral from the European Commission Vice-President Šefčovič. It will gather input from key social economy stakeholders and cities and regions regarding the creation of  favorable conditions for the social economy sector to grow in the EU.

The social economy, essentially locally rooted and community oriented, contributes to job creation, social and economic cohesion and to addressing societal challenges such as the green and digital transitions. It provides an alternative model of growth aiming at a new balance between economic efficiency and local socio-economic and environmental resilience. In doing so, it is a vital sector for the building of more inclusive and sustainable economies and societies, and in this respect, the social economy should also be fully part of the EU recovery effort.

In this context, the Committee of the Regions has appointed Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga, Portugal, as rapporteur for its Opinion Creating an enabling environment for the social economy. Before drafting the Opinion, the rapporteur would like to gather stakeholders' views and feedback on key factors for improving the framework conditions for the sector.

The main questions of interest are: 

  • Which measures should policy makers take to better adapt policy and legal frameworks to the needs of social economy entities?
  • How should EU Member States adjust their administrative and institutional set-up to better support social economy entities?
  • How could the competent public national authorities engage more with social economy stakeholders?
  • How could the competent regional and local authorities engage with social economy stakeholders?

By tackling these points, the consultation will provide the Rapporteur further input and suggestions, with the aim that the work of the European Committee of the Regions and its opinion will help the social economy to thrive in the decade ahead.

The consultation is open to representatives of the social economy and to the local and regional authorities. The consultation will be in English.

You can register here by Friday 21 October 2022 eob.

Contact Person: Pauliina Makarainen
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions, SEDEC Commission
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