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Young elected politicians – How is your region or city dealing with gender equality in policy making?  

EU Member States are committed to promoting the equal participation of women and men in decision making at all levels and in all fields by the European Pact for Gender Equality (2011-2020). However, women remain significantly underrepresented in local decision-making bodies across the EU. The latest Gender Equality Index from the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) shows that the EU still has a way to go to reach gender equality in all areas. According to CEMR's 2019 study on Women in politics: local and European trends , only a third of political decision-makers in Europe and around 15% of mayors are women. The top f ive EU countries in terms of most women as local councillors are Sweden, France, Finland, Norway and Belgium.

In April 2019, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) published its strategy for a gender balance among its members. Following this first step, on the occasion of International Women's Day and the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, the CoR would like to invite young elected politicians to express their views and recommendations on how to ensure equal participation in politics and decision making in all areas of life.

Are you committed to ensuring gender equality in your region or city? What is your constituency doing to advance gender equality? What results have been achieved?

The CoR would like to hear of your experience, the solutions you have implemented and your recommendations on measures that should be put in place to eliminate individual, organisational and social obstacles that dissuade women from entering politics.

Programme of the event

This event has been cancelled due to the covid-19 situation.

Contact Person: Young Elected Politicians Team
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions
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