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Cross-border citizens' dialogue on EU Green Deal  
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Citizens Dialogue for the Future of Europe is a unique opportunity for citizens of two countries (Greece and North Macedonia) to be part of an extraordinary democratic event that will enable them to share their thoughts and their dreams for the common European future.

The theme of the event contributes to acquiring more information regarding climate change, its local implications and the EU Green Deal, exploring new efficient and innovative ways to create a greener future but also to involve directly citizens on the issue of environmental protection. There is need for a green transition support for a sustainable and green development in all participating regions that is also coupled with mass unemployment. For a more detailed agenda please click here​

The event is taking place on 27th of September 2021 17:00-21:30 where with the help of ZOOM and local dialogue spots participants in both countries, as well as people remotely connected will be able to have a fruitful exchange.

If you wish to follow the event in Greek:


If you wish to follow the event in Macedonian:​


Contact Person: Adrienn Nagy
Organizer: Konstantinos Filippidis
Del :