For at støtte vores ordførere og medlemmer bedst muligt i indhentningen af informationer kan Det Europæiske Regionsudvalg (RU) bede eksterne eksperter om at udarbejde videnskabelige undersøgelser om visse emner af interesse.

Ud over disse undersøgelser, som RU offentliggør, udarbejder Europa-Parlamentets Forskningstjeneste også briefinger og analyser om og til understøtning af RU's rådgivende arbejde som følge af samarbejdsaftalen mellem Det Europæiske Regionsudvalg og Europa-Parlamentet af 5. februar 2014.

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  • Climate adaptation:Measuring performance, defining targets and ensuring sustainability

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 06/12/2022Emne: Climate change policy, Green DealForfatter: Mariya Gancheva, Per Lundberg, Isa Vroom (Milieu Consulting)
  • Repercussions of the agri-food crisis at local and regional level

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 20/10/2022Emne: Food productionForfatter: Tinatin Akhvlediani and Meryem Gökten CEPS) and Izabela Marcinkowska, Jan Bazyli Klakla and Delia Agostinelli (CASE)
  • The New Urban Mobility Initiative Can it deliver inclusive local mobility needs and European decarbonisation goals at the same time

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 18/10/2022Emne: Urban mobilityForfatter: Aurelie Louguet, Karun Gelibolyan, Damiano Ravera, Maria Rodrigues, Alvaro Gonzalez-Mateo, Roberto Zani
  • European Green Deal Handbook

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 19/09/2022Emne: Green DealForfatter: Erik Gløersen, Marcela Mäder Furtado (Spatial Foresight), Helene Gorny, Arndt Münch (ÖIR) and Michele Alessandrini, Carlo Bettini (t33)
  • Challenges and opportunities of LRAs’ involvement in the reconstruction of Ukraine

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 19/09/2022Emne: Ukraine, Eastern PartnershipForfatter: Tetiana Anakina, Paulina Salek-Lipcean and Halyna Kovalchuk
  • EU cities and regions welcoming Ukrainian refugees – mapping multilevel coordination

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 13/09/2022Emne: Migration, asylum and integration of migrants, UkraineForfatter: Dr. Katalin Dobiás and Filipa Homem (Milieu Law and Policy Consulting SRL)
  • The State of Local and Regional Democracy - A Youth Perspective

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 30/08/2022Emne: Youth policy, Demographic changeForfatter: Dr Jean-Pierre Gauci, Dr Julinda Beqiraj, Anthony Wenton and Iris Anastasiadou (British Institute of International and Comparative Law)
  • Territorial Impact Assessment - Impact of RePowerEU on Europe’s regions

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 27/07/2022Emne: Energy efficiency, Green DealForfatter: Bernd Schuh, Roland Gaugitsch, Chien-Hui Hsuing (ÖIR GmbH), Kai Böhme, Maria Toptsidou (Spatial Foresight GmbH)
  • Synergies between the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Recovery and Resilience Plans – Best Practices from Local and Regional Authorities

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 20/07/2022Emne: Territorial cohesion, Sustainable development, Economic GovernanceForfatter: Michele Alessandrini and Ana Pasturel (t33 Srl), Kinga Hat and Arndt Münch (ÖIR GmbH), Marcela Mäder Furtado and Paola Marinović (Spatial Foresight GmbH).
  • Territorial foresight study in addressing the digital divide and promoting digital cohesion

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 04/07/2022Emne: Digital agenda, Digital policy and connectivity, Territorial cohesion, SME policyForfatter: Susanna Fontana, Fabio Bisogni (Fondazione FORMIT), Simona Cavallini, Rossella Soldi (Progress Consulting S.r.l.).
  • The state of the regions, cities and villages in the areas of socio-economic policies

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 01/07/2022Emne: Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), Social economy, Employment, Green DealForfatter: Kai Böhme, Marcela Mäder Furtado, Maria Toptsidou, Sebastian Hans, Arndt Münch, Bernd Schuh, Manon Badouix, Clarissa Amichetti, Alessandro Valenza, Elena Iacobucci, Anda Iacob, Helene Gorny, Isabella Messinger, Reinhard Pichler, Wolfgang Neugebauer
  • Developing a handbook on good practice in countering disinformation at local and regional level

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 01/07/2022Emne: Disinformation, Citizenship, EU communication policy, Digital agendaForfatter: Tony Zamparutti, Matthew Jones, Tugce Tugran, Laura Vona, Leïla Navas (Milieu S.R.L.) and Katarzyna W. Sidło, Agnieszka Kulesa, Oskar Chmiel (CASE)
  • Localising the green agenda in the Eastern Partnership

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 30/06/2022Emne: Eastern Partnership, Green DealForfatter: Anna Maria Augustyn , Damiano Luchetti and Jingyuan Li
  • The local implementation of the Reinforced Youth Guarantee

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 28/06/2022Emne: Future of Europe, Employment, Education, Research and innovationForfatter: Beatrice Errico, Fabio Bisogni (Fondazione FORMIT), Rossella Soldi and Simona Cavallini (Progress Consulting S.r.l.)
  • Boosting international subnational climate diplomacy ahead of COP27 and COP28

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 28/06/2022Emne: Green Deal, Covenant of Mayors, Eastern Partnership, Development cooperation, Climate change policy, Enlargement, Western Balkans regionForfatter: Anna Maria Augustyn, Giulia Sofia Sarno, Marie-Eve Ciparisse (A.R.S. Progetti S.P.A.)
  • The territorial dimension of the Conference on the Future of Europe and its follow-ups

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 17/06/2022Emne: Future of EuropeForfatter: Jan Bazyli Klakla, Agnieszka Kulesa, Karolina Zubel (CASE), Tony Zamparutti (Milieu Consulting)
  • The role and place of local democracy and decentralisation in the modernisation and consolidation of democratic processes in the Eastern Partnership countries

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 09/06/2022Emne: Eastern PartnershipForfatter: Sergio Vasarri and Paulina Salek-Lipcean (A.R.S. Progetti S.P.A.)
  • Rural proofing – a foresight framework for resilient rural communities

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 30/05/2022Emne: Rural developmentForfatter: Roland Gaugitsch, Isabella Messinger, Wolfgang Neugebauer, Bernd Schuh (ÖIR), Maria Toptsidou, Kai Böhme (Spatial Foresight
  • How local and regional authorities use World Heritage agricultural landscapes as a tool for enhancing the economic and social sustainability of rural areas

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 27/04/2022Emne: Agriculture, CultureForfatter: Fabio Bisogni (Fondazione FORMIT), Rossella Soldi, Simona Cavallini (Progress Consulting S.r.l.), Lorenzo Di Matteo (Fondazione FORMIT)
  • Renovation Wave: guidance for local and regional implementation

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 26/04/2022Emne: Green Deal, Energy efficiency, EU energy policyForfatter: Arndt Münch, Manon Badouix, Bernd Schuh (ÖIR), Sabine Zillmer (Spatial Foresight)
  • New trade and economic relations between EU-UK: the impact on regions and cities

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 08/04/2022Emne: Financial markets, Internal market, Sustainable developmentForfatter: Michele Alessandrini, Carlo Bettini, Elena Iacobucci,Erik Gløersen and Sabine Zillmer (Spatial Foresight GmbH), Helene Gorny, Kinga Hat and Arndt Münch (ÖIR GmbH). Language review by Jacqueline Dawn Palmer
  • Small urban areas_a foresight assessment to ensure a just transition

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 08/04/2022Emne: Future of Europe, Cohesion policy reform, Territorial cohesionForfatter: Kai Böhme, Maria Toptsidou, Erik Gløersen, Clément Corbineau (Spatial Foresight) Erich Dallhammer, Mailin Gaupp-Berghausen, Helene Gorny, Isabella Messinger, Ursula Mollay, Arndt Münch, Wolfgang Neugebauer (ÖIR). Language reviewed by Tim Wills.
  • Territorial Impact Assessment on Zero Emission Vehicles (December 2021)

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 25/01/2022Emne: Climate change policyForfatter: Igor Caldeira (CoR) Erich Dallhammer, Bernd Schuh, Roland Gaugitsch, Chien-Hui Hsuing (ÖIR GmbH)
  • Equal opportunities and responsibilities in the implementation of the European Green Deal

    Dato for offentliggørelse: 13/01/2022Emne: Green Deal, EqualityForfatter: Haris Martinos, Herta Tödtling-Schönhofer and Paul Jeffrey (Metis GmbH)
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