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Evropský pilíř sociálních práv

Opinion Number: CDR 2868/2016
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 11/10/2016
The main objective is to reply to the European Commission’s public consultation on a first preliminary outline of a future European Pillar of Social Rights;
To stress the need to take better account of the social dimension of the EMU's economic governance, which is crucial for the functioning and viability of the EMU and for the legitimacy of the European integration process;
To emphasize that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and that local and regional disparities must be fully taken into account when implementing policies to address social challenges;
To underline the need to consider the effects of digitalisation on work patterns and the emergence of new forms of work.

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- welcomes the fact that the European Commission has decided to launch an open consultation on a pillar of social rights because, after years of crisis with high unemployment rates and austerity, a political discussion about a new initiative for social rights was much needed; considers that the Pillar can make a contribution to the coordination of social policies and rights in the Member States and foster upwards convergence;

- emphasises that closer coordination of economic and fiscal policies in the Eurozone must go hand in hand with full consideration of the social dimension to the EMU;

- asks that greater emphasis be placed on the financing of social policy, which is a particular challenge for local and regional authorities. Such challenges arise not only because spending on welfare systems vary widely across Europe, but also because overall investment at subnational level is going down;

- highlights the need for closer cooperation between the different levels of government, sectors and stakeholders, including a stronger role for social partners and the introduction of an efficient instrument for civil dialogue, which would strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the Union;

- insists that the European pillar of social rights should consider a priority the need for universal access to quality welfare systems and public services, while also respecting Member States' competences in this area;

- urges the Commission to support Member States in their efforts to modernise social protection systems within the framework of the European Semester; further expects the Commission to propose a fiscal capacity for the Eurozone, open to all Member States, which could also allow for a European coordination of anti-cyclical policies.



 119th Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions


11 Oct

9th Meeting - SEDEC Commission

First discussion and adoption

22 Jun

Conference on the Social Pillar

Mr Höfer attended a conference on the social pillar, organised by the Brussels representation of North Rhine-Westphalia

26 May

Appointment of CoR Rapporteur

Mr HÖFER was appointed Rapporteur for the CoR opinion

20 Apr
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