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​How to show solidarity with Ukraine?  

Get in touch, listen to Ukrainian regions and cities, and shape the EU’s policies.

Up to ten million Ukrainians have been displaced by the war, the United Nations said on 23 March, of which 3.5 million have fled the country. More than half the country’s children have now been forced to find new homes – 2.5 million within Ukraine and another 1.8 million outside Ukraine. The strain on the social services provided by local and regional authorities in Ukraine, in neighbouring countries and – increasingly – across the EU is colossal.

How is the European Committee of the Regions helping – and how can you contribute?

Get in touch: We encourage you to visit our Solidarity with Ukraine page, where you can find details of help requested by Ukrainian cities and regions. For further information and suggestions, please write to . The CoR is also working to lessen the humanitarian burden on regions on Ukraine’s border, helping to house and support refugees by facilitating city-to-city and region-to-region cooperation. If your city or region has spare capacity and material, please contact You can voice your support for the people and country of Ukraine by sending messages to the Solidarity with Ukraine page – and by posting on social media, with the hashtag #StandwithUkraine and the @EU_CoR tag.

Listen to Ukrainian regions and cities: To hear the latest from mayors on the reality of the war and the vast challenges they face, we encourage you to follow an extraordinary meeting of our Ukraine Working Group on 30 March at which – war conditions permitting – the mayors of Lviv and Kyiv and the president of Ukrainian Association of Regional and District Councils will speak. The Working Group will also address the refugee situation on Ukraine’s borders, with local leaders from Poland, Slovakia and Moldova and with European Commissioner Ylva Johansson. Agenda here; the meeting can be followed via this link. Further information is available here. ​ 

Follow and contribute to the political response: The war in Ukraine is affecting swathes of EU policy and this is being reflected in the work of CoR’s policy commissions, including discussions in CIVEX on 29 March, SEDEC on 1 April, and COTER on 7 April. The war will also influence the work of the CoR relating to – for example – the Conference on the Future of Europe, Europe Day on 9 May as well, of course, as the #EURegionsWeek and the EU Regional and Local Barometer later in the year. The war will affect our communities in multiple ways and the European Committee of the Regions is seeking to ensure that the voice of cities and regions is heard. Solidarity with Ukraine requires a resilient EU.

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