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CoR-UNA Europa virtual workshop "Students' input for the Future of Europe"  

​​​​​​​Every two years, the European Committee of the Regions holds a European Summit of Regions and Cities. These summits bring elected representatives from regional and local authorities together to discuss the main challenges facing the European Union. The 9th European Summit of Regions and Cities will be hold in Marseille on March 3rd and 4th, as part of the French Presidency of the EU. This time, the Summit aims at increasing the impact and outreach of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The voices of regions and cities must be heard and listened to, as they are key contributors to the European project and play an essential role in placing citizens at the heart of Europe. The Summit of Regions and Cities invites citizens and their elected representatives to help design a more resilient, cohesive and democratic European Union.

Students of the UNA Europa university network have prepared this workshop in a decentralized manner in collecting their proposals and ideas for the future of Europe. It is an occasion to share the input from the several student groups of the UNA Europa network and to discuss it with some Young Elected Politicians. After this virtual workshop, the students prepared a 2-pages document with their ideas/proposals/demands (Proposals of the UNA Europa Student​s) and which was submitted to the Summit.

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