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Written Stakeholder consultation on the CoR own-initiative opinion "The challenges for public transport in metropolitan regions"  

​​​​​​The topic of public transport is extremely important for local and regional authorities (LRAs) as it is within their core competencies to provide public service to their citizens. Therefore, the European Committee of the Regions has decided to issue an own-initiative opinion on the "Challenges for public transport in metropolitan regions", to be drafted by Adam STRUZIK (PL/EPP), Marshal of the Mazovian Voivodeship.

The opinion will look at the role of LRAs in designing and providing "mobility as a service" to their citizens and role of the cities' public transport operators. There are several aspects of urban mobility that directly affect the quality of life of European citizens: emissions from individual road transport, air pollution, congestion, noise, road safety and the use of public space by individual transport. In addition, the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected public transport and the rapporteur would also like to highlight those additional challenges in his opinion.

The main objective of the opinion is therefore how the factors described above affect the provision of public transport by local and regional authorities and how their spatial planning needs to be adapted to take these needs into account, from increased service of public transport to deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure.

The topics was first discussed by the rapporteur with CoR Members at the COTER meeting of 10 July 2020 (on the basis of the "working document​") and the draft opinion will be adopted at the COTER meeting on 24 September 2020. The adoption of the opinion at the CoR Plenary is foreseen for December 2020.

By means of this written consultation, Mr Struzik, would like to consult relevant stakeholders and gather their input in order to draft the opinion on the following questions:

  • Which main challenges do you see for the future transport system, including smart and sustainable solutions for urban mobility?

  • How can local and regional authorities and their public transport operators, who are at the forefront of procuring clean transport vehicles, add to the ambitious decarbonisation objectives of the EU Green Deal?

  • Which measures should be taken regarding co-financing at European level?

  • How could urban transport be better integrated into the long-distance transport network of the TEN-T

  • How can the challenges that the COVID-19 crisis had brought for public transport be best addressed and overcome?

The rapporteur would be grateful if you could send your comments and/or position papers relevant to the subject as soon as possible by email to the CoR COTER Secretariat

Contact Person: Florian Achleitner
Organizer: COTER Secretariat
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