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NAT - 20th commission meeting  


The 20th NAT commission meeting will be held on 1st October 2018 in Brussels.



The NAT commission will discuss the working documents on

Digitalisation in the health sector
(Rapporteur: Fernando LÓPEZ MIRAS (EPP/ES))

On 25 April, the European Commission adopted a communication on the digital transformation of health and care with the aim to promote health, prevent and control disease, help address the patients' unfulfilled needs and make it easier for citizens to have equal access to high quality care through the meaningful use of digital innovations.

The Commission proposes EU action in the following areas:
• citizens' secure, cross-border access to their electronic health records and sharing of their records across borders;
• better, larger data sets through a shared European data infrastructure to promote research, prevent diseases and determine personalised medical treatment and care;
• provision of digital tools that enable citizens to manage their health more actively within integrated care systems.
In many Member States, local and regional authorities are responsible for all or significant part of health and welfare policy and therefore have an important role in the development and digitalisation of health care.


Reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP)
(Rapporteur: Guillaume CROS (PES/FR))

On 1 June 2018, the European Commission presented the legislative proposals on the future of food and farming. One of the hallmarks of the revamped design is greater subsidiarity at Member State level and the introduction of so-called ‘CAP Strategic Plans’, whereby national capitals set out how each country intends to meet the nine EU-wide objectives : to ensure a fair income to farmers, to increase competiveness, to rebalance the power in the food chain, climate change action, environmental care, to preserve landscapes and biodiversity, to support generational renewal, vibrant rural areas, to protect food and health quality.



Organizer: NAT Commission Secretariat
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