Green Deal Going Local Handbook 

Giving local and regional authorities guidance for the green transition 

​​​​​​​​​​​The European Green Deal will be won or lost in EU cities and regions, as local and regional authorities (LRAs) are responsible on the ground.

In order to equip LRAs with the right measures and tools for its success, the European Committee of the Regions has published a Handbook that provides targeted guidance on financial aid and technical assistance in the fields of climate adaptation, renovation of buildings and biodiversity.


About ​​​the Handbook

This Handbook is a component of the Committee of the Regions' 'Green Deal Going Local' campaign that aims at supporting the implementation of the Green Deal at the local and regional levels.

As there is no 'one-size-fits all recipe' for a local and regional implementation of the Green Deal, this Handbook provides a step-by-step guidance and is adapted to ​each local context (from urban to rural, mountain and coastal areas, among others).

In a creative and interactive way, it provides information on targeted financial and technical instruments based on geographical and institutional assets and vulnerabilities. It also provides best practices that illustrate how the objectives of the European Green Deal can be implemented by local and regional policymakers.

How to u​​se the Handbook

​This Handbook provides targeted and interactive information based on the local specificities and priorities of the user.

how to use the handbook

  1. Step 1:Download your Green Deal Going Local Handbook for your country in the language preferred, and open it in full screen mode (ctrl + L) to enjoy all the functionalities of the Handbook.

  2. Step 2:Navigate through the Green Deal Going Local handbook and choose the field of interest: Adaptation, Renovation Wave, or Biodiversity.

  3. ​Step 3: Within the specific field, choose the area that suits more your needs

  • For Adaptation, you should choose the Climate Area you want to explore (Atlantic, Artic, Boreal, Coastal Zones, Continental, Mountain, Mediterranean).
  • For Renovation Wave, you should choose an Urban Area to Renovate (District Area, Public Buildings, Residential Buildings)
  • For Biodiversity, you should choose a Type of Ecosystem (Urban, Rivers and Freshwater, Rural, Coastal and Marine)
  1. ​Step 4: for implementation of climate adaptation / renovation wave / biodiversity measures for each of the areas, dive into the different set of measures.

  2. ​Step 5: Find out more about Funding Programmes and about Technical Assistance for each measure.

  3. Step 6: Use the small icons at the bottom to start a new journey in the Green Deal Going Local Handbook.

    • home button to start at the beginning
    • energy button heat button environment button to go back to the area selection of each field
    • money button to look into Funding possibilities for the measures
    • fix button to learn more about Technical Assistance for Adaptation


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