Обобщена информация за становището 

Модернизиране на правилата на ЕС в областта на авторското право

Opinion Number: CDR 39/2016
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 08/04/2016
emphasises that the internet's openness is a key driver for competitiveness, economic growth, social development and innovation and has led to exceptional levels of development with regard to online applications, content and services, resulting in a remarkable expansion in the supply of and demand for content and services; this openness has also been a major catalyst for the free circulation of knowledge, ideas and information, including in countries with limited access to independent means of communication.
points out that public services and the digital economy are important for European as well as local and regional growth. At the same time, cities and regions have a key role to play in creating public information databases, providing data security, developing the necessary digital skills, securing and facilitating funding for broadband networks and creating the right environment for the trans-regional and cross-border exchange of online services, which are all factors that can significantly boost the development of good quality services and make for balanced harmonisation of copyright rules
supports the European Commission's objective to modernise the rules in order to make creative content widely available across the whole of the EU, ensure a high level of protection for right holders and maintain a good balance with other public policy goals (such as education, research and innovation, or public access to public collections, including libraries, archives and museums, and - just as important - ensuring equal access for persons with disabilities) in the digital environment
The CoR Opinion on "Modernisation of the EU copyright rules" observes that it has already stressed the contribution that local and regional authorities can make during all stages of data collection and the provision of services to citizens and businesses . This can also be seen in practice: in Europe, there are many examples of the inherent potential of cooperation between regions, national authorities and research centres in the area of innovation and the interoperability of the public sector.

- welcomes the proposed measures concerning the internal market for e-communications designed to promote dynamic and sustainable growth in all economic sectors and to create jobs, as well as to ensure that copyright rules are modernised in light of the digital revolution and changes in consumer behaviour;

- emphasises the key role and potential of local and regional authorities in the harmonisation of copyright rules, which should be considered in all future legislation designed to complete the Digital Single Market;

- notes the important role that local and regional authorities play in providing digital services for citizens and creating and managing digital infrastructure, often in the context of cross-border or interregional cooperation; these services require immediate action to make balanced changes to any barriers to cross-border online activity, including differences between the contract and copyright laws of Member States;

- draws attention to the importance of making public institutions accessible to private individuals and businesses through electronic means, irrespective of their physical location, and therefore emphasises its support for the development of cross-border public services, especially those covering aspects of interoperability and e-identification, e-signatures, the electronic service of documents and other aspects of e-government.
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