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Към макрорегионална стратегия за Средиземноморието

Opinion Number: CDR 2167/2022
Rapporteur: DOBROSLAVIĆ Nikola
Commission: COTER
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 11/10/2022
The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as climate change in the Mediterranean basin, serve as a reminder of the urgency of having a coordinated response from the local and regional authorities at the Mediterranean level.
The opinion will call for the development of a macro-regional strategy in order to enhance the coordination of different strategies, initiatives and funding programmes implemented by all levels of government in the Mediterranean such as the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) and Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).
Geographically speaking, the strategy will adopt a pragmatic and dynamic approach. It should aim at covering progressively the whole Mediterranean area, starting with voluntary territories and giving the possibility to join to other territories as the strategy evolves.
The opinion will build on the ARLEM report adopted in 2014 "For a cohesion policy for the Mediterranean", which laid the foundations for a macro-regional perspective for the Mediterranean basin. The Council of the EU indicated its readiness to examine joint initiatives aimed at establishing new macro-regional strategies (Council's conclusions of 2/12/2020.13424/20).



Stakeholder consultation

participaton of the rapporteur and his expert at the hybrid stakeholder consultation meeting on 1 June (in CoR and online)

01 Jun

Meeting rapporteur (EPP)+ shadow rapporteurs (EA, RE)

06 May

Participation of the rapporteur and her expert at a meeting of the CPMR/Intermediterranean commission (CIM)

Participation of the rapporteur, Agnes Rampal, at a meeting of the CPMR/CIM on a Macro-regional strategy for the Mediterranean

28 Jun

Bilateral meeting of the rapporteur with the European Commission (DG MARE)

Meeting with Isabelle VIALLON (chef d'unité adjointe, DG MARE- A3)

14 Jun

Bilateral meeting of the rapporteur with the European Commission (DG REGIO)

Meeting with Jean Pierre Halkin , Head of unit

11 Jun

Bilateral meeting of the rapporteur's expert and the COTER secretariat with the French Presidency of the EU

Meeting with the French Attaché for regional affairs (Permanent Representation) , Emeline Allioux

10 Jun
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