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Secretary General kicks-off 2018 Brussels model European Union  

On 25 April Mr Burianek kicked-off the 2018 Brussels model European Union that focuses this year on the future of Europe. After having presented the CoR initiative "Reflecting on Europe", a series of dialogues with citizens and political reflections and analysis of how local and regional authorities can contribute to the debate on the future of Europe, the Secretary General expressed the importance of having a more ambitious European commitment regarding a Youth Strategy. This must take into account a range of different policy areas affecting young people such as cohesion policy, better education and better access to jobs. Moreover, Mr Burianek reiterated the CoR's support for the Commission's efforts to reinforce the Youth Guarantee and the Youth Employment Initiative and the creation of the European Solidarity Corps. He concluded by saying that Youth represented by the young people in the audience are the main drivers for change and for a better European future and that young people from all over Europe are needed to bring in fresh ideas and perspectives for a more united and a more optimistic future of Europe.

Brussels Model European Union is an annual international simulation of European politics and decision-making process that aims to sensitise Europe’s youth to the European project. The aim of Brussels MEU is to increase dialogue and cultural exchange between European youth and policy makers, and to promote the participation of young people in European democratic life. During a week of the simulation, 150 participants gather in a simulation of European politics and debate pressing topics of the EU agenda, taking on the role of Members of the European Parliament, Heads of State, Ministers in the Council, or journalists. As such, they incarnate the functions of real policy makers and encounter all the difficulties and necessary efforts to make democracy work.