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Secretary General attends meeting of Directors General for Cohesion Policy in Malta  
Secretary General attends meeting of Directors General for Cohesion Policy in Malta

​Secretary General attended the meeting of Directors General responsible for Cohesion Policy from Commission and Council in Malta on 6 and 7 April.

On the basis of a background note prepared by the Maltese Presidency, the discussion revolved around the question of how the policy could better target citizens’ expectations and deliver better results. The focus was put on stronger inter-institutional communication strategies, rules simplification and the need to be oriented on results rather than on compliance. The meeting took place before the General Affairs Council on Cohesion Policy of 25 April and its outcomes will serve as a basis for the informal ministerial meeting on Cohesion Policy which will take place on 7 June in Malta. 
Previously to this meeting, the Secretary General attended the Directors General meeting on Territorial Cohesion on 3 April and the Directors General meeting on Urban Matters on 4 April. In the latter he highlighted the importance of interlinkage and cross-fertilization between rural and urban areas in the reflections on urban matters.

On 5 April Mr Burianek also met representatives of the EU-Commission representation in Malta to talk about communicating Europe to citizens and the future of cohesion policy. Mr Burianek presented the "Reflecting on Europe" initiative set up by the CoR to communicate with people at local level and bring citizens' concerns back to the EU institutions and therefore contribute to the debate on the future of Europe. Potential outlook for cooperation in Malta was discussed in this context.